Taxi Den Haag Schiphol

Cheaper Schiphol taxi from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

If you are traveling to the Netherlands and you need a taxi, you will quickly end up with the expensive taxis at Schiphol Airport itself. Besides being expensive, they often don’t take the short way and you pay even more money. Because there are hundreds of Schiphol taxis, they have to wait a long time before it’s their turn. In this way, they take the most money from every taxi ride from Schiphol to compensate for the long wait.

It can be cheaper and safer!

Today you can order a Schiphol taxi anywhere, you just never know in advance whether it is a reliable taxi company. We give you the tip to travel with a taxi from Taxibestellen. This company is known for reliabilit and affordable prices in the Netherlands .

The Schiphol service from is a taxi company that mainly focuses on the Schiphol taxi with taxi transport to and from Schiphol. They have a track record of more than 30 years and with the website from 24-02-2003. They were one of the first Schiphol taxis to offer their services on the internet with the registration of the domain. Given the long history of this company and the good experiences of customers, their customer base is one of the largest in the Netherlands.  With the head office in Almere it is easy to quickly book a taxi for Almere there.

Private and business market

Soon there were diverse customers who came forward in 2003. People who went on holiday, but also business customers, found their way to Taxibestellen. Customers had good experiences with this company and became regular customers. Driving on time is very important for all customers. For this reason, is always on time at the agreed location to transport customers to and from Schiphol. They also have more than 300 taxis in Amsterdam, so a taxi in Amsterdam is always quickly on the spot.


With the start of the website, there were hardly any reviews on the internet, but over the years it became increasingly important for new customers, so that they can read customer experiences about the Schiphol taxi of this taxi company. The reviews of are on Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and Trustpilot and are 95% in order. Reviews always contain some lesser ratings, but that is very normal, as long as the majority is good.

A passenger car or taxi bus

Besides offering passenger cars such as Schiphol taxi, it turned out that there was a lot of demand for taxi minivan. Since this concerns Schiphol transport, this is a logical question. Many families who travel to Schiphol with all their suitcases, they often cannot do this with their own car and then take a Schiphol taxi. Therefore mainly has Mercedes taxi minivan that can be used both privately and for business purposes.

Word of mouth, trust

As a taxi company, you cannot wish for better than word of mouth. Partly for this reason, the clientele has grown, because searching for a reliable taxi on the internet is not easy. Especially trust is important for the business market. Drivers have to transport guests who are potential customers, and a taxi driver is often the first they meet at Schiphol airport.

There is a waiting service for the business customer. A neat driver in a suit with a sign with your name will stand in the central hall at Schiphol, at the Meeting Point. There, guests are neatly welcomed and driven to their destination.

Worthy of a recommendation

Given our own experiences and all the good reviews from other customers, we definitely recommend We have listed the main points of this airport operator below.

Main points and Schiphol taxi

  1. Always fixed and competitive rates
  2. Cancellation free of charge until the evening before departure
  3. Luxury taxi and taxi buses
  4. Neat drivers with more than 10 years of experience
  5. Also transport from Schiphol
  6. Friendly and helpful operators
  7. Also transport large luggage such as bicycle or dog crate
  8. is customer-oriented
  9. Private and business transport
  10. All usual payment options
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  • Company Name: | Taxi en Schiphol taxi
  • Adres: James Cookroute 99
  • Telefoon: 036-200 22 65
  • Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day
  • Categorie: Taxibedrijf
  • Website:
  • Route: Routebeschrijving